Activity Log—Remember What Matters

By Simon Morgan on January, 21 2021

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Simon Morgan

Alarms aside, your security operation center should produce a great deal of data on a daily basis. This includes employee break times, the arrival and departure of high level assets, and anything your team is aware of that needs to be documented. Having a central location to keep track of this information is critical: in SureView Ops, that location is your Activity Log.

Your operators can insert an entry into the Activity Log directly from the Alarm Queue, or from the Activity Log page itself. This keeps your team on the same page, no matter how far apart they may be. Often this info will find its way into spreadsheets, where it’s never heard from again. But, when documented with Op’s Activity Log, you can easily run reports across the data to see all entries in a certain category; from a particular operator or time frame; and so much more.

This makes for a well rounded security operation. Don’t let any available information slip through your fingers, and make it as easy as possible for your operators to create new entries. Activity Log accomplishes exactly this, by remaining flexible with a set of categories that can be personalized to your areas. Start filling your Activity Log today to see what it can do for your team. 

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