Area Notes—Know Your Facilities and Assets

By Simon Morgan on February, 3 2021

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Simon Morgan

Every Area you monitor is unique. Some may be closed during irregular hours, while others remain open throughout the night, with traffic at regular intervals. Keeping your team up-to-date on all these details can take effort. SureView Ops streamlines this chore with Area Notes.

Any member of your team can easily add an Area Note to bring information to the attention of any operator handling an alarm at that location. If relevant, they can also specify a time-frame. Area Notes can even be accessed from both the Alarm Queue and the Alarm Processing Window by clicking the Notes icon in the upper left.

Using this tool keeps your team on the same page as everyone moves forward. Having a single unified place to retain and utilize this information is powerful. Area Notes are only one, small part of what SureView Ops has to offer. Check out some of the videos on our YouTube Channel to learn more!


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