Connecting the Command Center

By SureView Systems on February, 12 2020

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Standardizing response is fundamental to building any effective security operation. This means developing a consistent set of policies, procedures, maps, data about the facilities, and so on. Operators in a command center need to be able to easily follow these policies regardless of the type of event or situation. The policies themselves are not difficult to develop—what is challenging is implementing and executing them in a rapidly changing environment.

Change will never be this slow again

Organizations grow, they move offices, they acquire other businesses—change is ongoing and it only gets faster. This has a significant impact on the job of a command center operator; they have to respond to a growing list of events from physical security systems such as video, access control, audio, alarm, mass notification, to business security systems such as risk alerts, incident management and reporting systems. Regardless of the system, the format, or how it’s transmitted, operators need to quickly understand and act on this information. Security teams are faced with a paradox, how can they maintain order, consistency, and simply keep up, when the systems they rely on are in a constant state of change?


Embrace Change and Improve Security Response

When your operators have to jump back and forth between multiple different systems, your response time becomes slower. SureView provides a single response interface for your command center—all the incoming data from any system is standardized into a single pane of glass. Installing or supporting a new sub-system no longer has an operational impact on an operators’ performance—saving precious minutes and seconds.

Leveraging a library of Integrations

Behind this single pane of glass is a series of integration plugins that normalize the feeds from these various systems. SureView integrates with over 500 leading video, access control, audio, alarm, mass notification, risk alerting, incident management and reporting systems. Customers select integration plugins from this off-the-shelf library that matches the systems they use. If we don’t have the integration you're looking for, don’t worry, our team of developers and security technology professionals have been building plugins for over 15 years—we can quickly develop one that meets your operations’ specific needs using our standard API (Application Programming Language).

Check out list of integration partners or ask our team how your system would work with SureView. Go on, ask us, we love a challenge!


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