Contacts & Area Details—Ditch the Phone Book!

By Simon Morgan on January, 26 2021

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Simon Morgan

When your operators need to get in touch with site staff to inform them of a high-risk incident, every moment counts—even the ones spent digging for contact information. With SureView Ops, all of these details are only a click away. This could ultimately make or break your response in a crisis situation. 


Phone numbers for the nearest police and fire stations are included, as well as for the area itself. This is presented right alongside the area notes, where the location’s hours of operation and other critical items can be added. 

Your operators should only have to interact with a single interface to take charge of an event. SureView Ops brings together information from all your existing systems to create a holistic view of an incident, allowing your team to process alarms quickly and effectively. ‘Area Details’ is one more way SureView Ops works to provide the operator with everything they need, immediately and at their fingertips.

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