Developing Integration Requirements

By Simon Morgan on May, 10 2022

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Simon Morgan

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The security operations team's primary goal is to efficiently respond to real-time events to protect the staff, visitors, and assets of the organization. In order to meet these challenges and provide a consistent level of security response, organizations typically look to integrate their systems to achieve a single operational view. As you begin developing a scope, start with these common requirements every SOC needs from their integrated security systems:

    1. Real-time/ Alarms / Alerts
    2. Location of the alarm
    3. Ability to stream nearest live cameras
    4. Video clips of triggered events

Real-time Alarms / Alerts

These alarms and alerts can be triggered for a wide variety of reasons including door events, video motion and analytics, I/O (input/output), and PIRs (Passive Infrared Sensor) connected to alarm systems, temperature sensors on IoT devices, intercom buttons, the list is almost endless.

To properly respond, command center operators need these alarms to include:

  • Date and time of the alarm
  • Type of alarm: what triggered the event

Location of the Alarm

To quickly coordinate a response, operators need to know exactly where the alarm occurred. To achieve this the alarm should include: 

  • The building name, floor, area/zone the alarm occurred in
  • Ideally, the geo-location of the alarm so it can automatically be plotted on a map

Live Camera Streams 

To get real-time situational awareness, operators need to be able to immediately see live camera feeds close to the triggered event

  • Use geospatial association to quickly show the live camera feeds nearest the incident

Video Clips of Triggered Events

Wherever and whenever possible, provide a recorded clip of the event 

  • A short clip from the camera that triggered the event (i.e. analytics) or from a nearby camera provides extra context for a quick response

Now that you’ve mapped out your integration requirements—next we move to create the roadmap to start your integration project. Read more about how to do that in our full whitepaper, Integrating Your Security Operation: A Roadmap For Connecting Technology to Deliver Optimum Operational Value. 


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