Dynamic Permissions

By Simon Morgan on February, 16 2021

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Simon Morgan

Security teams are often composed of several distinct groups, each responsible for some subset of the operation. For instance, your Operators sit at the helm of the SOC, dispatching individuals from your team of Field Personnel. All the while, Supervisors need to access activity reports summarizing recent incidents, and view live camera feeds right from their phone.

SureView Ops makes it easy to coordinate this ensemble with its flexible User Permission structure. We provide default User Groups for the majority of operations, making setup quick and simple. Even for those unique Command Centers that can’t seem to find a platform that fits, SureView Ops can be tailored to your team’s exact needs and goals!


After you’ve signed up, one of our engineers will work closely with your team to identify how to best adapt the interface to your daily operation. This process is fast paced, as our goal is to have your team operational within one week’s time. Given our 30-day free-trial, this gives your team ample time to get acquainted with the platform, and see the benefits it has to offer.

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