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By SureView Systems on October, 30 2019

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Operators in today’s command centers have a challenging job. As always, their primary task is to coordinate the response to security events but now, they also need to become experts in using multiple different software systems.

Challenges facing operators today

When we meet operators it’s common to find that they have a decade of experience using their particular systems. They know every keystroke, every function, every quirk, of a myriad of systems. Watching them work is like watching a highly choreographed dance routine. Yet, the fact that they have to be experts on say, 10 different software platforms is a waste of their time and skills when what they really need to be doing is focusing on response.


All the information they need and nothing more

SureView’s interface is designed to enable operators to focus on the response to an event rather than wrestling with layers of different technology. To make it as simple as possible we looked at the design of our operator interface through the lens of an operator who is on their first day at the job. They have no institutional knowledge, they don’t know where anything is located, or who is responsible for what.

So with this in mind, we made the decision to only show operators data: floorplans, cameras, guards, assets, that were close to the originating alarm or event. SureView uses mapping technology to automatically associate nearby devices and data to each other. No more long lists to scroll through or multiple systems to jump between.

By focusing the entire interface on presenting only the information an operator needs to respond to an event it eliminates the need for operators to become software experts. It empowers operators to do their job: focus all their attention on coordinating the response to an event. In a crisis, seconds count and SureView helps operators to cut out the noise. A faster, cleaner, response means better security outcomes.


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