Hot Keys—Speeding Up Response

By Simon Morgan on February, 9 2021

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Simon Morgan

Did you know your favorite SureView Ops components can be accessed even more rapidly by the use of Hot Keys? In the upper right of the Alarm Queue and the Alarm Processing Window, you may have noticed a small question mark button. This opens the Hot Key menu, for a quick reference guide. 

These keys connect your operators to the platform so that your team can take action on a task immediately. Each user should feel as though the platform is an extension of themselves—as though they were driving a vehicle. 


Navigating and processing security events becomes second-nature with this level of familiarity. This reduces your command center’s response time and bolsters its capabilities. And, Hot Keys are only one small part of how SureView Ops works to make your SOC more effective in its day-to-day activities. Check out our YouTube Channel to see much more. 

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