Proprietary or Open?

The key to selecting security systems that are right for your operation

It's seems like the answer would be simple, the correct answer is open, right? Proprietary sounds closed, inflexible, old school—that’s got to be the wrong choice. But open comes with its own set of challenges because flexibility introduces lots of variability that can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of operational response.

What security executives tell us is they need the flexibility to buy the best-of-breed devices and systems without negatively impacting their operators ability to respond quickly to events.

So what's the key to choosing the right system? The answer is to select an Open response platform, one that coordinates events into a single-pane-of-glass, like ImmixCC. This platform seamlessly integrates with a multitude of security and business systems—regardless of the system, the format of the data, or how it’s transmitted. When operators are responding to an escalating event, the last thing they need to do is spend precious minutes and seconds jumping back-and-forth between different video, alarms, access, notifications, map, call lists, SOPs, to name just a few.



At SureView we have been developing integrations for more than 15 years for over 500 different devices and systems. Security executives told us they needed the flexibility to choose the best systems for their unique needs. Each system has a unique function that is critical to improving security outcomes, but on its own it provides only part of the puzzle that operators need. By separating the security systems from the response platform it gives management the buying power to select solutions that fit the need, without worrying about the impact it will have on operators or on training new operators.