Resilience: If I have a failover system do I really need backups?

With hot failover systems, the need for backups is often considered to be less important, as data is replicated to multiple locations. However, having a robust backup procedure in place is always a smart decision—an extra safety net.

We recommend customers backup their systems to multiple locations. Having a local copy helps if data needs to be restored quickly, while an offsite backup location provides a “last resort” copy in the event of a catastrophic event that takes out the primary and secondary systems. There are multiple ways to backup systems, from batch backups to real-time replication.



Where possible we recommend using real-time backups, they are more expensive to maintain but reduce the “data loss” window that running scheduled backups create. If you have this and you have it "copied" to multiple locations you don’t necessarily need to invest in yet more safety nets. As ever, keeping it simple is usually the best solution.


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