Integration Update: SightLogix Simplifies SureView Integration

By SureView Systems on May, 9 2018

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SureView Systems

SightLogix, the smart thermal camera leader for detecting intruders with high accuracy in the outdoors, has released a new, web-based configuration software called WebConfig that makes it even easier to integrate SureView’s Immix software with SightSensor detection cameras.

“Our collaboration with SureView provides a rapid, proactive response for managing security, and WebConfig enhances our integration by greatly reducing configuration time,” said John Romanowich, President and CEO.

Key Immix features in WebConfig include easy-to-use drop-down fields for defining Immix settings, creating pre- and post-trigger video clips that are automatically sent to an Immix-based monitoring center along with live video, and testing connectivity with one-click alarm simulations. WebConfig also provides a range of innovations to streamline the setup process, allowing users to calibrate cameras, configure key parameters and create accurate video analytic detection rules quickly and easily.

Additionally, every setting in WebConfig includes embedded mouse-over tooltips that explain each feature and their proper use.

The initial version of WebConfig supports SightSensor HD, the affordable thermal-visible detection camera announced last October. Future releases of WebConfig will support the entire SightLogix thermal camera line.

You can learn more about WebConfig at www.sightlogix.com/webconfig-software/

About SightLogix, Inc.
SightLogix makes smart thermal camera systems that protect outdoor sites, including assets in the energy, transportation, chemical, utility, communications, government and defense industries – as well as private, independent businesses around the world. Unlike video surveillance cameras that simply record video for review, SightLogix SightSensors automatically detect security violations in real-time to alert responders with full situational awareness. For more information, visit www.sightlogix.com.

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