Inviting New Users—Expand Your Operation

By Simon Morgan on January, 28 2021

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Simon Morgan

As your command center continues to grow, so too will its need for personnel. And when new team members are hired, you shouldn’t be bottlenecked by having to reach out to your PSIM provider for new user accounts. SureView Ops makes it incredibly easy to create accounts—all that’s needed is the user’s name and email address.


This allows Ops to send an email to the new user, prompting them to choose a password. Once they’ve done that, they can immediately log into SureView, utilizing the customized permission-set you’ve designated. This could be a new mobile user, who can view camera streams and raise alarms directly to the command center. Or, it might be a new operator, who resides in the SOC itself, processing alarms and contacting the appropriate parties. 

SureView Ops makes coordination effortless. Experience what this can add to your organization by signing up today and taking advantage of our 30-day free-trial. Afterwards, one of our engineers will contact you to assess your operational needs, and devise a plan to address them as comprehensively as possible. We look forward to the conversation!

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