NEW INTEGRATION: Commend—Unified Audio Solutions

By Simon Morgan on March, 16 2022

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Simon Morgan

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The ability to control audio on a wide scale is a game changer for security operations teams. That’s why we're proud to introduce our newest integration partner, Commend—a unified audio solution allowing users to easily communicate with multiple audio devices throughout an organization—and all from a single interface.

How Does It Work?

Whether on the factory floor, in an office building, or a Smart City—our integration with Commend ensures SureView Response users can instantly understand what's happening by viewing nearby cameras and interacting with remote locations through enhanced intercom connectivity. Administrators have the capability to manage settings system-wide—no more time-consuming exercises editing each intercom individually! 

SureView and Commend now come together to create a new level of ease in responding to security events.  Our strategic partnership empowers us to provide more communication options to address your organization’s ever evolving security needs and requirements.

Read the full press release here! 👉  https://hubs.li/Q0161Zvr0

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