Parking An Event—Because Priorities Change

By Simon Morgan on February, 1 2021

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Simon Morgan

In the real world, security events aren’t considerate enough to present themselves one at a time. Your operators need to be prepared for the worst at any given moment, and this can often include setting aside one incident until a more critical one is resolved. If your PSIM platform is too rigid, this can create a serious problem. 


With SureView Ops, operators can leave an event and send it back to the Alarm Queue. Alternatively, they can temporarily Park the event if further information is expected after some predetermined period of time. This effectively allows one operator to process multiple events at once, dramatically improving their overall response time. 

Collectively, these small pieces of the user experience make for a well-designed and intuitive platform: one that allows your command center to handle incoming security threats quickly and efficiently. This level of detail comes from over 15-years of working with SOCs all around the globe. Sign-up and taking advantage of our 30-day-free-trial today!

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