SureView & Calipsa Join Forces

By Simon Morgan on March, 30 2022

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Simon Morgan

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False alarms can negatively impact a security team’s focus, and decrease response times when there is a genuine threat. That’s why we are proud to announce our new partnership with Calipsa, a unique Cloud-based platform that uses machine-learning to reduce the number of false CCTV alarms.


How Does It Work?

Calipsa’s AI technology can accurately distinguish people or vehicles from animals and other objects that might trigger an alarm. Simply put, Calipsa enables users to focus only on the video alarms that matter, and avoid wasting time on those that don’t. It’s compatible with almost all video systems. SureView has completed extensive testing to ensure that alarms sent to SureView via Calipsa are relevant to users, and includes images with bounding boxes, to help highlight a potential threat. With its proven ability to reduce false alarms by over 90%, Calipsa is an excellent addition to the SureView user-experience.

Utilizing our universal plugin capability, this integration is available to all SureView Operations subscribers at no additional cost. By coupling SureView’s top-notch security software with Calipsa’s exceptional video monitoring technology, we’ve taken one more step to refining and improving video monitoring in the SOC.

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