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By SureView Systems on September, 3 2019

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Our customers tell us that the pace of change is accelerating.

They are being asked to monitor more alerts from more systems and take on more responsibilities in order to protect their people, assets, and brand.

Historically, security departments have been risk averse and slow moving but the demands on these teams today mean they need to be nimble and agile. This is not necessarily a comfortable place to be.

When we started SureView over 15 years ago we had a command center just like every one of our customers– and we had a fundamental problem to solve– how could we deliver a consistent level of response when connecting to multiple different security systems? The answer was to develop our own software, a system that could integrate these various islands of technology into a single pane of glass allowing us to coordinate and simplify our response to security events.

Much has changed since those early days but our core goals have remained - we focus on providing only the most important information an operator needs - such as simple action plans, camera streams, maps, event and contact information. We designed SureView to help operators have the situational awareness they need for quick response and the consistency to achieve the results they plan and rehearse for. To make record keeping and debriefing easier, everything they do is also automatically audited for management reporting and compliance.

We are a fiercely independent company, that has developed an integration plugin library to SureView that numbers over 500. There is always a new system to connect, a new process to support, and procedures to update. So we trained a dynamic young team that works hard to understand our customers’ goals and challenges. Today, we help protect thousands of locations around the globe, from a wide array of industries— cities to corporation, government to education — simply, clearly, and consistently.

Technology is moving rapidly and we all know that change will never be this slow again - with SureView’s you can be confident that you have an agile platform and team to embrace these changes both today and tomorrow.

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