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Integration Partner: Lenel Open Access
By Simon Morgan on July 12, 2022

Integration between SureView and Lenel dates back over 10-years, and connects Lenel’s OnGuard leading access-control platform with video and other security systems. Through this...

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Feature Spotlight: Response - Insights Reporting
By Simon Morgan on July 7, 2022

We call our reporting function Insights, and it provides an interactive interface to analyze the key performance-metrics of your team.

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NEXT-GEN PSIM Top 10: #3 Breaking the Cycle of Obsolescence
By Simon Morgan on July 6, 2022

The cost of keeping First-Gen PSIMs current has reached a point where an upgrade is likely the only practical option. They were built to support a project, not a long-term lifecycle where...

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Feature Spotlight: Field Operations - Managing Static Assets
By Simon Morgan on July 5, 2022

Not every team has issued mobile phones to their security team, nor is every asset the security team tracks a ‘person with a phone’—teams often simply track the location of vehicles,...

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NEXT-GEN PSIM Top 10: #2- Scaling
By Simon Morgan on June 29, 2022

Scalability is second on our list of top 10 requirements that successful companies seek for their Next-Gen PSIMs. For on-premise PSIM deployments, the question of scaling can get complex...

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New Integration: Create a ServiceNow ticket directly from SureView Cases
By Simon Morgan on June 28, 2022

We are happy to announce a new integration from SureView Cases to ServiceNow—a leading IT workflow management platform.

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NEXT-GEN PSIM Top 10: #1- Deploy Immediately Through SaaS
By Simon Morgan on June 24, 2022

In uncertain times, it’s difficult for security leaders to embark on a large project to overhaul their operations. Delivering Software-as-a-Service is quick and eliminates many of the...

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New Integration: Opening a Zendesk Ticket Straight from a SureView Event in Response
By Simon Morgan on June 21, 2022

Many organizations, including ours, rely on Zendesk as a customer support and ticket management platform. All customer communication, i.e. questions, problems, and issues are tracked...

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Top 10 Things Leading Command Centers Expect Today
By Simon Morgan on June 16, 2022

Command center leaders are demanding their PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) systems be more agile, resilient, feature-rich, and capable of providing immediate solutions, in...

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Feature Spotlight: Quick Raise in Cases
By Simon Morgan on June 14, 2022

You asked for it, we’ve done it! The ‘Quick Raise’ functionality in our newly added investigations platform, Cases, is now even quicker, more responsive, and more easily accessible to all...

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