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Operational Resilience: Sharing and Collaboration
By SureView Systems on March 12, 2020

Not all security events are dramatic or large scale. Let’s take something as simple as an elevator entrapment. Usually, all that happens is that an operator calls someone to fix the...

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To support growth, SureView Systems creates two distinct companies
By SureView Systems on March 11, 2020

Each business will focus on the unique needs of its market and customers

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Resilience: The Design of the SOC’s Interface Makes All the Difference
By SureView Systems on March 10, 2020

One of the biggest challenges in any SOC is deciphering what constitutes an emergency or threat. Centers can quickly become overwhelmed with incoming calls, alarms, doors ajar, lost...

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Resilience: Hot or Cold failover..which one is right for my operation?
By SureView Systems on March 9, 2020

When a failure occurs, modern IT systems often have a "failover" feature that provides the capability to switch over to another set of servers so that users can continue to use the...

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Spread the Load–Alarm Filters Provides Operational Resilience
By SureView Systems on March 6, 2020

Alarm and event traffic can come from a range of different sources, from devices and system alerts, to tips from employees or the public, or requests for service (i.e. security escort...

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When the Pressure is on Agility Counts
By SureView Systems on March 6, 2020

Being able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances is a key characteristic of any command center operation. Although there is often lots of repetitiveness, the ability for the team to...

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Resilience: If I have a failover system do I really need backups?
By SureView Systems on March 5, 2020

With hot failover systems, the need for backups is often considered to be less important, as data is replicated to multiple locations. However, having a robust backup procedure in place is...

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Resilience: Connecting Regional Centers in a Global Deployment
By SureView Systems on March 4, 2020

The concept of Federation is typically used in Global deployments. Essentially, it means the interconnection of two or more geographically separate data centers. The easiest way to...

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Connecting the Command Center
By SureView Systems on February 12, 2020

Standardizing response is fundamental to building any effective security operation. This means developing a consistent set of policies, procedures, maps, data about the facilities, and...

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How we are adapting to change
By Simon Morgan on November 12, 2019

There are currently unprecedented changes in security operations—the nature of the threats, the systems that need to be integrated, the compliance rules that need to be followed, the...

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